Moog, Suzanne Ciani, Expert Sleepers — Synth News Digest 2

Welcome to another edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. If you are interested in checking out the last music technology news report, simply click on this link. As always, thanks for reading!

Moog announces new Subsequent 37 CV Synthesizer

Just in time for Moogfest 2017, Moog announced the impending release of the new Subsequent 37 CV, an evolutionary upgrade to the now venerable Sub 37. Before we get into the feature set of the new Moog, what’s with yet another crappy synth name out of Asheville? The Moog Sub 37 – Silver Machine Edition simply sounds cooler, while also giving a well-deserved shout-out to spacerock legends, Hawkwind. Nobody asked me!


The new Moog Subsequent 37 CV looks to be a great synth despite its name. Photo copyright Moog Music Inc.

Other than its silver faceplate, the most notable new feature of the Subsequent 37 CV is probably its four CV output jacks, facilitating the integration of the synth into a Eurorack or other modular setup. An improved keybed – I’ve had nary a problem with mine – is another upgrade. In addition to enhancing the filter multidrive circuit, Moog also beefed up the synth’s headroom so it sounds better in Duo mode.

At a street price of $1,799, the Subsequent 37 is priced $300 more than the original Sub 37. Moog is planning a limited edition run of 2000 units, with the first 125 to be available at Moogfest 2017. Other music retailers are expected to have them in late June.

Suzanne Ciani earns Moog Innovation Award

In other Moogfest news, synth legend, Suzanne Ciani is receiving this year’s Moog Innovation Award. Ciani, known for her exploratory 70s synth output as well as her piano-based contributions to the nascent 80s new-age scene, is recently on a career renaissance. Her work with fellow Buchla artist, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is transcendent and worth checking out.

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 Eurorack Module

Eurorack users need to check out the new disting mk4 module from Expert Sleepers. This fourth edition of the disting fits quite a large mixture of CV and processing algorithms into a 4 HP rack space. Expect everything from oscillators to filters to bit crushers to envelopes and more. Whew!

Previous editions of the disting earned a few awards in the music tech industry, and the same can be expected of the mk4, considering the massive amount of useful synth functionality contained in the unit.

StudioLinked Studio Rack Producer Plugin

In a similar manner as the disting mk4, StudioLinked manages to wedge tons of functionality into its new Studio Rack Producer plugin. The included speaker emulation helps producers put together a great final mix – no matter the genre. A variety of effects, including delay, reverb, stereo chorus, hi & low pass filters, and a compressor round out the package.

Studio Rack Producer is available in most of the popular plugin formats for only $59.

ESI introduces Two New USB Audio Interfaces – U86 XT and U168 XT

If you are in the market for a new USB audio interface, check out these two new models from the German equipment manufacturer, ESI. The U86 XT offers eight inputs and six outputs with 24-bit audio over USB 2.0. Its larger brother, the U168 XT, sports sixteen inputs and eight outputs.

Both 24/96 interfaces are compatible with the Mac and PC and feature other useful functionality, like support for ASIO 2.0 and CoreAudio. The inputs feature a mixture of XLR, quarter-inch, and S/PDIF ports with the U168 enjoying four XLR inputs compared to the U86’s two. Check out both product pages linked above for additional details.


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