Create Planetscapes of Reverb With FabFilter Pro-R 2

Musicians and producers needing a flexible reverb with exceptional sound – pretty much all of us – must explore FabFilter Pro-R 2. Quickly earning a top-shelf reputation in the music tech world, FabFilter’s product line supports both the desktop and iPad. Pro-R 2 highlights the effect maker’s rep in spades, providing a host of reverb […]

Surf’s Up with the Fuse Audio Labs VREV-63 Reverb Plugin

In the market for a new spring reverb plugin? Check out the new Fuse Audio Labs VREV-63! It promises those vintage 60s sound spaces suitable for old-school and new-school music projects. The skeuomorphic guitar amp user interface also hearkens back to the Surf Music era. Check out the following press release for more details. Fuse […]

MeldaProduction MCenter Provides Mid-Side Mixing

We are big fans of MeldaProduction plugins, especially MDrummer, a major piece of our electric drum stack. The Czech plugin maker recently introduced MeldaProduction MCenter, a mixing tool focused on mid-side or M-S processing. MCenter is currently available for free through 2/18/2024, 9 Euros until 3/10/2024, and 49 Euros thereafter. So get downloading, you hear! […]

Heritage Audio Releases First USB-C Audio Interfaces

The folks at Heritage Audio recently entered the USB-C audio interface market with the i73 Pro family. Each interface sports Class A 73-style preamps, a first for USB-C. No matter your recording needs, the i73 Pro family offers an option worth exploring. Check out the Heritage Audio press release below for more details. MADRID, SPAIN: […]

United Plugins Dropkick Transforms Your Low-End

Need to give your kick drums a bit of an edge? If so, check out Dropkick, a fresh plugin from the folks at United Plugins. Crafted by one of United’s founding members, JMG Sound, it provides music producers with the means to supercharge the low-end on their projects. If this audio plugin intrigues you, check […]

NoInputMixer for iOS and macOS Opens New Frontiers in Synthesis

No input mixing is a boutique synthesis technique used by sound designers usually armed with only a mixer and some cables. It offers an exploratory approach focused on the creative control of noise and feedback. If interested in new frontiers of sonic exploration, this is a sound design area worthy of your notice. Mobile synth […]

PolyKB III Offers Synthheads a Top-Shelf Analog Synth Plugin

XILS-Lab deserves its reputation as one of the best software synth makers in the industry. They remain a favorite of TabMuse, as evidenced by our previous reviews of XILS 4, PolyM, KaoX, and XILS 505. The XILS team’s analog synth plugin, PolyKB III, provides another winner, with a top-shelf emulation of the legendary RSF PolyKobol […]

Church of Hed: The Father Road – Recording Notes (Side 4)

Here’s Side 4 of the studio production notes for the 2022 Church of Hed album, The Father Road. On this installment, we dive into the recording of this Lincoln Highway aural travelogue from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania to its ending at Times Square and sea beyond. The prologue of this series analyzes our studio […]

Church of Hed: The Father Road – Recording Notes (Side 3)

Side 3 of the studio production notes for the 2022 Church of Hed album, The Father Road, covers the recording of this aural travelogue from Western Illinois to the Appalachian range. Check out the prologue, where we analyze our studio setup, recording approach, and the hardware and software used on the album. The prologue also […]

Church of Hed: The Father Road – Recording Notes (Side 2)

Here’s Side 2 of the studio production notes for the 2022 Church of Hed album, The Father Road, an aural travelogue tracing the Lincoln Highway from San Francisco to New York City. Check out the prologue, where we cover the studio setup, our recording philosophy, as well as the hardware and software gear used for […]