XILS-lab Hearkens to The Roaring Twenties with Les Diffuseurs

We love XILS-lab and their inspired collection of synth plugins, like XILS 4, KaoX, and PolyM. They inspire chaos with their detailed emulations of those classic synthesizers of yore. This time out, Les Diffuseurs sees Xavier and his team train their eyes on the legendary Ondes Martenot with this unique effect plugin. Check out their […]

Review: MeldaProduction MCenter Enhances Your Stereo Soundscapes

If you need a straightforward, simple, and yet powerful tool for mid/side audio processing, check out MeldaProduction MCenter. The plugin provides audio engineers and self-producing musicians the ability to enhance the stereo soundscape of their mixes. An intuitive user interface with an animated spectrum analyzer enhances its ease of use. MeldaProduction MCenter Features The simplicity […]

Boost Your Dynamic Range with Fuse Audio Labs VCE-118

If you need a versatile music plugin to improve dynamic range in unique ways, check out Fuse Audio Labs VCE-118. This tool effectively serves as a secret weapon, providing your next music production better punch and dynamics. Check out the press release and embedded video below! Fuse Audio Labs turns to early-Seventies-vintage VCA technology-based breakthroughs […]

FOLDS by VOID & VISTA adds the Surreal to Your Kontakt Library

FOLDS by VOID & VISTA is a new sample library for Kontakt. It leverages a collection of voice recordings and electronic sources to create surreal and cinematic soundscapes for your next music production. It features a dual-layer sound design platform with a host of synth-like and more esoteric parameters. Check out the press release below! […]

SounDevice Digital Randomachine adds Life to your Samples

If you want a plugin to add life to your boring sample libraries, check out SounDevice Digital Randomachine. It randomly changes a variety of sample parameters, like panning, distortion, and more whenever triggered. Check out the press release and embedded video below to see this unique tool in action. United Plugins works with SounDevice Digital […]

Review: Create Planetscapes of Reverb With FabFilter Pro-R 2

Musicians and producers needing a flexible reverb with exceptional sound – pretty much all of us – must explore FabFilter Pro-R 2. Quickly earning a top-shelf reputation in the music tech world, FabFilter’s product line supports both the desktop and iPad. Pro-R 2 highlights the effect maker’s rep in spades, providing a host of reverb […]

MeldaProduction MCenter Provides Mid-Side Mixing

We are big fans of MeldaProduction plugins, especially MDrummer, a major piece of our electric drum stack. The Czech plugin maker recently introduced MeldaProduction MCenter, a mixing tool focused on mid-side or M-S processing. MCenter is currently available for free through 2/18/2024, 9 Euros until 3/10/2024, and 49 Euros thereafter. So get downloading, you hear! […]

Heritage Audio Releases First USB-C Audio Interfaces

The folks at Heritage Audio recently entered the USB-C audio interface market with the i73 Pro family. Each interface sports Class A 73-style preamps, a first for USB-C. No matter your recording needs, the i73 Pro family offers an option worth exploring. Check out the Heritage Audio press release below for more details. MADRID, SPAIN: […]

Church of Hed: The Father Road – Recording Notes (Side 4)

Here’s Side 4 of the studio production notes for the 2022 Church of Hed album, The Father Road. On this installment, we dive into the recording of this Lincoln Highway aural travelogue from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania to its ending at Times Square and sea beyond. The prologue of this series analyzes our studio […]

Church of Hed: The Father Road – Recording Notes (Side 3)

Side 3 of the studio production notes for the 2022 Church of Hed album, The Father Road, covers the recording of this aural travelogue from Western Illinois to the Appalachian range. Check out the prologue, where we analyze our studio setup, recording approach, and the hardware and software used on the album. The prologue also […]