Moog’s Subsequent 37 refines the Original Sub 37 Design – Synth News 7

Moog recently announced another upgrade to its already venerable Sub 37 synthesizer. We previously covered the Subsequent 37 CV, and now the Subsequent 37 (with no “CV”) has hit the market. I actually missed the CV tag the last time around. Sorry, it’s now fixed! By the way, I still think Sub 37 CV – Silver Machine Edition sounds cooler!

The CV-less Subsequent 37 improves upon the original Sub 37 in a myriad of ways. Most notable is arguably the boosted headroom in the mixer section. The ladder filter and its multidrive circuit have also been redesigned, with a richer low-end and grittier sound as a result. Moog also upgraded the keybed. So there.

Essentially, these are the same improvements found in the Subsequent 37 CV, minus the extra CV I/O. The street price for the Subsequent 37 is the same as the Sub 37 – around $1499.  Git ya one! I’m sticking with my still-loved Sub 37.

Roland goes Boutique with the D-50

Roland has been going gangbusters introducing new models in its Boutique series. We’ve talked about the TR-08 and SE-02 in previous posts. This time out Roland trains its eyes towards the late 80s and digital synthesizers with the D-05, a Boutique version of its classic late 80s synth, the D-50.


The Roland D-05 emulation of their classic D-50 synth. Photo copyright Roland.

Instead of the Analog Circuit Behavior design concepts used in other Boutique Series editions, for the D-05 Roland introduced something called Digital Circuit Behavior. Needless to say, they shouldn’t have any problem digitally emulating late 80s digital “linear arithmetic synthesis” technology. The street price for the D-05 is $349.

Though I have taken a shining to the SE-02, the D-05 doesn’t inspire much gear lust.  I never had much interest in the original D-50, opting instead for the warm sounds of the Kawai K4, which still gets used now and again on my current musical projects. If your ears are more attuned to Roland’s classic late 80s digital synth sounds, the D-05 is likely right up your alley.

Brainworx bx_console E adds Vintage British E Series Console Plugin

Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, Brainworx recently introduced a plugin sure to interest anyone looking to emulate those classic mixing consoles from the days of yore. The bx_console E is available through those kind and ubiquitous folks at the Plugin Alliance. It offers a full 72 channel emulation of the British SSL E Series mixing console, but goes beyond that with features from the G series as well.

Each channel strip contains a compressor/limiter, expander/gate, 4-band parametric EQ, as well as high pass and low pass filters. Flexible routing within each channel is also possible, including sidechain processing. If you have any interest in creating dynamic, classic mixes, the bx_console E belongs in your plugin collection. Expect a street price around $299.

Unfiltered Audio release Dent 2 and Indent 2 Effects Emulations

The Plugin Alliance’s colleagues remain busy, including the folks at Unfiltered Audio. If you need to add some grit and grunge to your audio processing arsenal, check out the Dent 2 and Indent 2 plugins.

Dent 2 allows you to distort waveforms at a “molecular” level; bitcrushers, clippers, and wavefolders abound, along with other useful and interesting features. Indent 2 offers a streamlined level of functionality compared to its big brother. Dent 2 is available for $99 and Indent 2 for $49, but if you buy Dent 2 you get a free license for Indent 2. Whoa!

fielder audio join the Plugin Alliance with “stage”

A newcomer to the Plugin Alliance family, fielder audio’s first release is “stage.” A plugin focused on psychoacoustic reverb algorithms for both tracking and mixing, stage looks to be an essential tool for musicians and audio engineers. Additional functionality includes unique panning algorithms, as well as an LFO for outer rim spatial modulation effects.

The intuitive user interface offers real-time visual feedback on parameter settings. You can pick up stage from the Plugin Alliance for $179.


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