Antelope Audio adds to its FPGA Hardware Models — Synth News Digest 10

This edition of the Synth News Digest trains its eye on a few new software products worthy of interest on your own musical projects. Check it out!

Four New Vintage Compressors boost Antelope Audio’s Plugin Library

Antelope Audio understands that a robust collection of audio plugins helps draw customers to your line of audio interfaces. As such, the company recently introduced four new compressors to its library of FPGA (field programmable gate array) hardware-based plugins. The BA-6A, FET-A78, SMT-100A, and Grove Hill LIVERPOOL are sure to intrigue musicians and audio engineers looking for some vintage sound to enhance their projects.


The Grove Hill Audio Liverpool virtual compressor. Image Copyright Antelope Audio.

Antelope’s line of Thunderbolt and HDX audio interfaces – including the Orion Studio HD, Goliath HD, Orion Studio Rev. 2017, Orion32 HD, Zen Studio+, Orion Studio, Goliath, Orion32+, and Zen Tou – give these plugins extremely low latency in addition to their great sound. If an Antelope interface is already on your wish list, these vintage compressors give you more reason to make that purchase!

Brainworx introduces Two Classic British Console Plugins

We previously talked about the Brainworx channel plugin modeling the classic British SSL E Series mixing console. Well the company – with their friends at the Plugin Alliance – is raising the ante with two new plugins modeling the G Series in addition to the legendary Neve console.

The bx_console G is available in most popular plugin formats for a price of $299. If you are always on the lookout for a sale, the bx_console N is currently available for $179. Now go forth and make your mixes shine in the old school way.

Nugen Audio updates MasterCheck Pro

Nugen Audio’s MasterCheck Pro continues to be considered as an invaluable mixing assistant tool, especially for creating compressed mixes for consumption on online streaming services. The latest version 1.4 of MasterCheck Pro includes support for the lossless FLAC and Opus audio formats. MasterCheck Pro is available in most popular plugin formats at a price of $199.

Embertone releases Joshua Bell Violin Virtual Instrument

Joshua Bell is known as a leading violinist in the world of classical music. Music software firm, Embertone, worked with the Grammy Award winner to create a virtual instrument focused on Bell’s classic violin tones. The resultant virtual instrument, Joshua Bell Violin, features samples made by Bell playing a priceless Stradivarius.

The sampling technique replicates the legato playing techniques essential for violin performance. Modeled vibrato and a variety of unique articulations are also included as part of the package. Joshua Bell Violin is available for the NI Kontakt Player at a price of $199.