Eventide Reveals New SP2016 Reverb Plugin – Synth News Digest 23

Welcome to the latest installment of our TabMuse Synth News Digest. It gives us an opportunity to cover a few interesting news stories and new product announcements from the wide world of music technology. If you want to check out the last news digest, simply click on the following link. As always, thanks for reading!

Eventide’s Authentic Emulation of the Original SP2016

The original Eventide SP2016 holds a place in history as the first programmable reverb unit on the music technology market. Released in 1982, it offered expandability through hardware chips actually plugged into the unit. So it was the first reverb plugin as well!


The SP2016 plugin’s interface looks like the original. Image copyright Eventide Audio.

Eventide just released a software version of the SP2016 offering an authentic emulation of the hardware reverb. It includes the Room, Stereo Room, and Hi-Density Plate algorithms, each with Vintage and Modern Versions. So, it’s essentially six different reverbs.

Anyone familiar with the hardware SP2016 will find the same interface expressed virtually in the plugin. It also includes presets from a host of industry heavies, including Dave Pensado, the ubiquitous Richard Devine, Joe Chiccarelli, Sasha, George Massenburg, The Butcher Bros., Buda & Grandz, and Erin Tonkon. This lets anyone dive into to creating great verbs with minimal hassle.

If you are interested in the SP2016 plugin, Eventide sells it for $79, with a crossgrade from Anthology XI available for $29. All major plugin formats and DAWs on the Windows and Mac platforms are supported. Add some space to your mix today!

Analogue Solutions Introduces a New Hardware Sequencer

Analogue Solutions is known as a leading manufacturer of analog synthesizers and related gear. The company recently introduced a hardware sequencer aimed at the modular and general synth-head market. Called Generator, it’s a multi-channel analog device with both MIDI and CV interfaces.

Generator provides three 16-step channels running in parallel. Thankfully, the pattern length is variable. It also includes touch pads used for changing up patterns on the fly. There are Eurorack format patch points as well as knobs, buttons, and switches for additional sequence mangling.

Don’t forget about the built-in voltage generator! If you are in the market for a new hardware sequencer, Generator belongs on your short list. Its street price is $750.

Check it out in action.

Heritage Audio’s New Dual Channel Mic Preamp/Equalizer

Any recording studio needs high quality mic preamps. All the better if the preamp is a dual channel model with EQ. Heritage Audio’s new HA73EQX2 Elite definitely fits the bill for both professional studios and home setups.

The unit’s preamp sports gain, output trim, -20db pad, polarity reverse, a high pass filter, and +48v phantom power controls. The equalizer section includes a high shelving EQ, midrange EQ, low shelving EQ, a variable high pass filter, and EQ Bypass. This functionality fits into two rack spaces and is housed in sturdy British Steel. So there.

If your studio needs a high-quality preamp/EQ, check out this option from Heritage Audio. Expect to pay a street price of $1699.


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