XILS-lab Updates PolyM Polymoog Emulator Plugin – Synth News Digest 24

Welcome to a new edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest, where we cover the latest music technology news and product announcements recently catching our eye. If you want to check out the previous digest, simply click on the following link. We appreciate your support of TabMuse; thanks for reading!

A Fresh Update for the Best Polymoog Plugin

PolyM, from XILS-lab, ranks near the top of my favorite desktop synth plugins. It provides that unique spacey feel of the Polymoog, and added many atmospherics to Church of Hed’s newest album, Sandstoned. We reviewed PolyM last year and it also made our list of the Top Audio Plugins of 2017.

PolyM Screenshot

The PolyM in virtual action. Screenshot by Author.

The folks at XILS-lab recently released the version 1.1 update for PolyM. New features abound, including support for Native Instruments NKS keyboard controller standard. PolyM’s effects are now accessible as a separate VST effect, and an improved Preset Manager makes accessing and managing your PolyM patch library an easier process.

If those haunting space synth sounds are your domain, PolyM is available for 149 Euros. We recommend it highly.

eDNA Earth – An Orchestral Synthesizer from Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio continues to release unique and intriguing sample libraries suitable for “neu” classical and soundtrack work. We regularly use their products in our studio and write about them at TabMuse. eDNA Earth – a synthesizer made up of orchestras according to Spitfire – is their latest product.

Spitfire leveraged their massive collection of orchestral samples; transforming them into a synth-esque interface suitable for cutting-edge electronica and other forward-looking musical forms. Synth tweakers will fawn over the filters, envelopes, and other controls typically found in a synthesizer – hardware or soft. A built-in gate sequencer adds to the fun.

Nearly 2000 samples and 1000 presets covering everything from beats to drones help get you started. If eDNA Earth sounds right up your alley, it’s priced at $149. You need around 60GB of hard drive for installation, and half that amount afterwards.

Rob Papen Introduces New Explorer 5 Synth Bundle

Rob Papen remains one of the leading lights of software synthesis. The sequencer on their Predator 2 is the star of the show on the Church of Hed track, 2AM at Crownhill Cemetery. The recent release of the Explorer 5 bundle needs to be on the radar of anyone in the market for a software synthesizer.

Explorer 5 includes 20 separate Rob Papen products; everything from the aforementioned Predator 2 to SubBoomBass 2 is included. This bundle includes synths, kick drums, and a variety of effect plugins as well.

The entire package is available for $499, but update options exist for owners of other Rob Papen products or even earlier versions of the Explorer bundle. If you are new to desktop-based synth plugins, Explorer 5 offers a great way to build your collection. Check it out!