The TabMuse Top Audio Plugins of 2017

After covering the best iOS synth apps of the year, our eyes now turn towards the top audio plugins we encountered in 2017. Expect a mix between effects plugins and their synth or sample-based counterparts. Feel free to check out our Top iOS Synth Apps article if so interested. Thanks!

Hans Zimmer Percussion conquers all

No sample library ever kicked my ass as much as Hans Zimmer Percussion. Straight out of the superlative technical forge of Spitfire Audio and the engineering acumen of Mr. Zimmer himself, HZP belongs in the collection of every serious electronic drummer. Expect a stunning collection of cinematic and world music percussion, sampled with a wide array of playing techniques and mic placements.


Hans Zimmer Percussion in action. Screenshot by author.

In short, it may revolutionize how you approach electronic drumming. I’m working in a few uses of HZP on the upcoming Church of Hed album. The tympani samples especially inspire. Check out our full review of Hans Zimmer Percussion right here.

PolyM brings a Top Notch Polymoog Simulation to your Desktop

The Polymoog remains one of the classic synths in the Moog Music collection – arguably their most underrated product. It essentially operates like a mid-70s string synth as opposed to a polyphonic analog. PolyM provides all the wonderful uniqueness of the original in a low overhead plugin available in most popular formats.

PolyM Screenshot

The PolyM in virtual action. Screenshot by Author.

XILS-Lab did a great job of programming the PolyM. Its quirky analog synth architecture works beautifully with a user interface essentially the same as the original. I spent a whole afternoon conjuring up psychedelic synth overdubs working on my new album.

You know you want to read our full PolyM review. Get to it!

Objeq Delay adds Otherworldly Effects to your DAW

Cool effects plugins abound throughout the world of desktop audio production. As computers become more powerful so do these plugins that rely on a healthy amount of RAM and robust microprocessor horsepower. Objeq Delay won our hearts with its intriguing mix of a quality delay with physical modeling, offering some mind-blowing sonic manipulation.

objeq delay

Objeq Delay in action. Photo by author.

It completely transformed a basic drumbeat into something out of a seedy bar on a remote outpost three galaxies over. Like the best effects, Objeq Delay warrants a copious amount of experimentation. As such, read our full review and then head over to your favorite online music retailer to pick up your own copy. You don’t even need to thank us!

Well, that’s it for our soon-to-be annual look back at some of the best music technology products that inspired us in the previous year. As always, thanks for reading!