Spitfire Studio Strings – Synth News Digest 22

Welcome to yet another edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. We enjoy providing you with a few interesting news stories and product announcements from the synthesizer community and music technology world. If you are interested in checking out our last news digest, just click on the following link.

Spitfire Audio introduces Spitfire Studio Strings

We regularly cover Spitfire Audio’s products, both in individual reviews as well as here in the Synth News Digest. The major reason for this coverage remains the stunning sound quality of their sample libraries. If you don’t believe us, simply check out our articles on their free LABS collection of sample instruments. Download LABS, and listen for yourself.

The company just released Spitfire Studio Strings, the first sample library featuring the all new “Spitfire Orchestra range.” Recorded at Air Studio One, Studio Strings seems appropriate for everything from soundtrack work to hipper indie songs. Of course, top of the line session players, vintage string instruments, and sterling recording equipment work together to make this collection a must for the musician looking a great string sample library.

Like most other Spitfire products, Studio Strings supports Native Instruments’ NKS control standard. The free Kontakt Player is also included. If you want Spitfire Studio Strings, its price is $249. 13.2 GB of hard drive space is required, with twice that necessary for install.

Squarp Instruments updates its Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer

Squarp Instruments is known for their boutique line of hardware sequencers – both for Eurorack and the desktop. Their Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer offers versatility to the electronic musician. The unit’s functionality includes a sequencer, looper, rhythm generator, real-time effects, MIDI controller and an audio interface. Boom!


The Squarp Instruments Pyramid sequencer. Photo copyright Squarp Instruments.

The folks at Squarp recently introduced a firmware update to the Pyramid. Version 3.0 of pyraOS includes a host of new and upgraded functionality. Most interesting to me is the Polymetric Looper – I love weird time signatures and polyrhythms. Check out the pyraOS page for full details on what’s new in 3.0.

The Pyramid belongs squarely in the wheelhouse of experimental electronic musicians. It offers a full range of connectivity – MIDI, CV/Gate, USB, Sync – making it an easy fit in most studios. The unit costs $719 direct from Squarp.

The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show hits China in October

China is home to one of the largest speaker showcases in the world. The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show is an industry-only event hosted at the Nansha Grand Hotel, in Nansha, China. This year’s event is taking place from October 16-18.

Connecting speaker component manufacturers with the businesses that need speakers for their product line is the primary reason for the shindig. Once again, the event is not open to the public. If your company needs speaker components for devices aimed at the consumer, contractor A/V, mobile, audiophile, musical instrument and professional markets, plan on attending next month.