Spitfire Audio releases Innovative British Drama Toolkit – Synth News Digest 21

Welcome to the latest edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This gives us an opportunity to cover a few interesting recent news stories and product announcements from the music technology realm. If you want to check out the previous digest, simply click on the following link. Thanks for reading!

Spitfire Audio’s British Drama Toolkit

Spitfire Audio’s reputation in the sampling world goes without saying. We previously reviewed their BT Phobos and Hans Zimmer Percussion products, regularly using the latter. Their LABS free sample instrument also earned our praise.


British Drama Toolkit in action. Image copyright Spitfire Audio.

With British Drama Toolkit, the company takes its efforts to a different level. Developed in tandem with composer Samuel Sim, this library features 2000 samples of woodwinds and strings recorded individually and within groups. Various playing styles are velocity mapped across the keyboard; helping you narrow down what fits best for your compositional need.

Having all those different playing styles at your fingertips facilitates the real time nature of music scoring. This allows you to focus on making a great dramatic work as opposed to loading a different patch every other minute. Using different velocities on the keyboard greatly influences what gets heard and subsequently, your inspiration.

British Drama Toolkit supports most popular plugin formats for the PC and Mac. It requires around 7 GB of hard drive space, with twice that necessary for install. It includes the Kontakt Player and offers extra features for controllers compatible with the NI NKS standard. Pick it up at a street price of $199.

The ATC P2 Pro Power Amplifier

ATC are known within the professional music world as a top speaker manufacturer. So, it is a natural for the company to focus their talents on the power amplifier. Enter the ATC P2 Pro.

The P2 Pro sports a dual mono design, with a rated output of 300W per channel. It delivers those 300 watts simultaneously from each channel. The ultra wide bandwidth, super low distortion, and high dynamic range are typical of ATC’s amp products. The grounded source class A/B circuit topology matches that of the company’s loudspeaker line.

A six-year warranty highlights the overall quality and reliability of the amp. ATC feels the P2 Pro makes a perfect match for a pair of top of the line passive monitor speakers. The street price for this ATC power amp runs slightly north of 3,000 Euros.

The Audified MixChecker Pro Plugin

Audified continues to release quality plugins covering a wide range of music engineering needs. We reviewed their DW Drum Enhancer product earlier this year. The company recently released a new plugin sure to be useful for musicians and recording engineers, hoping to ensure their music sounds great on a variety of devices.

Called MixChecker Pro, the plugin provides a host of valuable features for optimizing a mix for the way music gets listened to today. This includes simulations of device distortion, multiple consumer devices, and background noise. It is a perfect tool for making sure your track sounds great on everything from an old smartphone to a laptop computer.

So if you want music streamers to get the most out of your mixing efforts, give MixChecker Pro a spin. It supports the most relevant plugin formats on the Windows and Mac platforms. The street price is $199.


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