The Waldorf Kyra breaks New Synthesizer Ground – Synth News Digest 19

Welcome to this latest edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This gives us a chance to present some interesting music tech news stories and product announcements. If you want to check out the last digest, simply click on the following link. Now, as ELO once sang, here is the news! Waldorf to introduce Kyra […]

Recording Digest: Church of Hed – Sandstoned written by Jerry Kranitz

Editor’s Note: Jerry Kranitz is an aficionado of spacerock and psychedelic music, as evidenced by his work with Aural Innovations for nearly two decades. He is now focused on a new book: Cassette Culture: Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age chronicling the underground cassette music scene. It’s scheduled for publication in […]

Spitfire Audio LABS – an Essential and FREE Sample Library Plugin

Known for their industry-leading sample libraries, Spitfire Audio recently introduced LABS, a collection of free sample instruments for the Windows and Mac platforms. Check out our reviews of BT Phobos and Hans Zimmer Percussion to get a feel for Spitfire’s work. We mentioned Spitfire Audio LABS in passing in a previous TabMuse Synth News Digest, […]

Spitfire Audio introduces LABS – Synth News Digest 18

Welcome to the latest edition of our TabMuse music technology news digest. It gives us the opportunity to cover a few fresh stories and product announcements worthy of your interest. If you want to check out the last digest, simply click on the following link. Spitfire LABS brings High-Quality Free Instrument Samples to You Spitfire […]

Eventide adds Android App for H9 Control – Synth News Digest 17

Welcome to another edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This gives us an opportunity to inform you of a few interesting music technology news and product announcements from the previous weeks. If interested in checking out the last Synth News Digest, simply click on the following link. Eventide releases their H9 Control Android App […]

Impact Soundworks gets Meditative – Synth News Digest 16

Welcome to this edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. It gives us the opportunity for a few quick profiles of some fresh music technology product releases worthy of your interest. If you want to check out the last digest, covering the free version of Cakewalk Sonar among other news bits, simply click on the […]

Cakewalk Sonar is Now a Free Download – Synth News Digest 15

Welcome to another edition of our look at a few interesting synthesizer and music technology news stories from the last few weeks. Hopefully, you find something to inspire your creativity and possibly make your wallet a bit lighter. However, that likely won’t be a problem with our lead story! BandLab makes Cakewalk Sonar available as […]

Make your Beats Sizzle with DW Drum Enhancer

The folks at Audified recently teamed up with drum manufacturer, DW (Drum Workshop), to create a plugin suitable for drum processing. DW Drum Enhancer provides producers and musicians a way to make their beats truly stand out in a mix. This flexible plugin is designed to work with acoustic kits, but I made it sizzle […]

Travel Deep Space with Eventide Blackhole

Able to warp across distant galaxies with a simple knob twist, Eventide Blackhole offers an otherworldly reverb plugin to musicians of all styles. Featuring an easy to use interface similar to MangledVerb or UltraTap, Blackhole lets you begin your journey with minimal effort. Of course, it sounds great! Eventide Blackhole Features The Same Classic Reverb […]

Eventide Anthology XI – a Preeminent Bundle of Effects Plugins

When it comes to excellent effects, musicians have trusted Eventide for decades. This golden rule applies to both hardware and software. Their legendary status throughout the industry remains unchanged. Recently, the company released Anthology XI, the latest version of its “all-in-one” plugin bundle. If you are in the market for a full library of effects, […]