Review: Travel Deep Space with Eventide Blackhole

Able to warp across distant galaxies with a simple knob twist, Eventide Blackhole offers an otherworldly reverb plugin to musicians of all styles. Featuring an easy to use interface similar to MangledVerb or UltraTap, Blackhole lets you begin your journey with minimal effort. Of course, it sounds great!

Eventide Blackhole Features

  • The Same Classic Reverb Algorithm from the H8000FW, DSP4000
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Mono/Stereo I/O
  • Ribbon Control and Hotswitch
  • 50 Presets from Richard Devine, Sigur Ros, Flood, Vernon Reid, and more
  • Tempo Sync with Host DAW
  • Supports Most Popular Plugin Formats
  • Available as Part of Eventide Anthology XI or Separately

In short, Blackhole is one of the top reverb plugins on the market. If you specialize in spacerock, space ambient, or simply space, put it on your shortlist. We highly recommend it.

The Intuitive Eventide Plugin Interface

As noted earlier, Blackhole sports a similar interface as MangledVerb, UltraTap, and other Eventide plugins with the same virtual form factor. The familiar Hotswitch and ribbon controller let you switch between parameter settings in unique and intuitive ways. The knobs and other controls are laid out in an easy to follow manner.

eventide blackhole

Eventide Blackhole sports an intuitive interface. Image by author.

A menu bar at the top of the plugin helps you manage presets – both your own and 50 from a few industry legends, like Richard Devine, Sigur Ros, and Flood. Input and output faders – each with its own meter – frame Blackhole’s interface on both sides. Expect no problems simply diving in and using Blackhole, and its mono/stereo I/O provides additional flexibility for your setup.

The Classic Eventide Reverb Sound

Blackhole first appeared as an algorithm in Eventide’s hardware effects units, like the DSP4000 and the H8000. Its huge sense of space makes it useful for musical applications set among the stars. We previously noted that if you are a spacerocker or take part in spacey ambient projects, this reverb plugin lies directly in your wheelhouse.

The Gravity knob serves as Blackhole’s decay parameter. The leftmost settings are used for reverse reverb, giving the plugin additional flexibility. The rightmost settings are suitable for intergalactic voyages. Use Gravity in tandem with the Size parameter to dial-in the reverb of your otherworldly desires.

Predelay works as expected; letting you control the time before the reverb effect begins. Syncing it to the tempo in your DAW is another option. The Low and High parameters provide a measure of filtering to the overall effect; use these with the resonance parameter for additional fun.

The Mod Depth and Rate controls add a subtle sense of movement to the reverb. It also can lessen the ringing in the overall sound. Slamming the Feedback parameter lets you take your reverb to infinity. The Sigur Ros preset uses this to great effect. As Nigel Tufnel would say: “you can go out and have a bite and you’d still be hearing that one.”

Ultimately, Eventide Blackhole ranks as one of the top reverb plugins on the market. Of course, as a psychedelic electronic spacerock musician, I’m likely biased a bit. Give it a whirl in your setup to truly travel those mystic galaxies.


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