Review: The Line 6 Helix Native Plugin isn’t only for Guitarists

Of course, guitar effects aren’t the sole domain of those rampaging hordes of axe-wielders. Synthesists, keyboardists, and drummers – especially e-drummers – also benefit from manipulating the sound of their instruments. The keen application of a flanger on John Henry Bonham’s drumming in Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir provided a sonic dreamscape throughout my teenage years and […]

Review: Objeq Delay – a Plugin that inspires Creativity

Musicians and producers searching for a unique plugin that rewards experimentation and creativity need look no further than Objeq Delay. Combining an LFO, an acoustic modeled filter, and a delay, this is an effect useful for mindwarped beats, intergalactic echoes, or really anything your imagination is able to conjure. Objeq Delay Features Flexible LFO, Filter, […]

Superbooth, Novation, Behringer, Propellerhead — Synth News Digest 1

This is the first installment of what I hope to be a regular series on TabMuse. Essentially, it collects recent interesting news stories and product announcements from the synthesizer and music technology worlds. Expect the occasional interjection of my own analysis and insights – for better or worse. Superbooth 17 features New Synth Announcements from […]