Review: The Line 6 Helix Native Plugin isn’t only for Guitarists

Of course, guitar effects aren’t the sole domain of those rampaging hordes of axe-wielders. Synthesists, keyboardists, and drummers – especially e-drummers – also benefit from manipulating the sound of their instruments. The keen application of a flanger on John Henry Bonham’s drumming in Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir provided a sonic dreamscape throughout my teenage years and […]

A Love Letter to the Line 6 DL4 Delay Stompbox

“Delay is the Antidote for Anger” – Ancient fortune cookie wisdom The Yamaha MM8 serves as my main synth for pianos, e-pianos, and the like. Its weighted keys remain a worthy challenge for someone known more as a drummer. Nonetheless, the MM8 remains a valuable part of my studio setup. Budget constraints – always lurking […]