New Music Technology Products Abound – Synth News Digest 14

Welcome to yet another edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This time out, we offer a host of interesting new products from the music technology world. Perhaps one of them fosters inspiration in your own musical efforts?

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The Dialog Audio SQ4 Sequence Processor adds Motion to your Synth Productions

The SQ4 Sequence Processor from Dialog Audio seems like a Swiss Army Knife for synthesizer control. In that regard, it fills a similar need as a desktop plugin version of Ruismaker’s Rozeta, an excellent iOS music app. It essentially lets you create sequences to modulate synths – both hardware and software.

SQ4 Image

The SQ4 also works with CV-controlled synth gear. Photo copyright Dialog Audio.

SQ4 shines at creating both stepped and curved modulation sequences. Its interface looks sharp and easy to follow. It generates MIDI CC messages useful for controlling outboard gear – even older CV-based synthesizers when using a MIDI to CV converter. Of course, it also works as a plugin within most popular DAWs.

If you are looking for more motion within your synth tracks –hardware and software included – SQ4 belongs on your shortlist. It also pairs nicely with Dialog Audio’s MP3244 Modulation Processor. SQ4 retails for $49 and a bundle deal is available with the MP3244 for $79.

Get your String Ensemble on with Spitfire Audio Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions

Spitfire Audio continues to release high-end sample libraries for the discerning electronic musician. We previously covered BT Phobos and Hans Zimmer Percussion, with the latter getting a workout on the upcoming Church of Hed album. Now Spitfire brings Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions to the party.

Featuring a host of chamber string ensemble samples from the BAFTA-winning composer, this sample library is especially useful for musical artists looking to add some orchestral sheen on their work. Expect Spitfire Audio’s usual attention to detail and out of this world sound quality. If you own a NKS compatible MIDI controller, more useful functionality is at your fingertips.

Chamber Evolutions is available in most popular plugin formats at a street price of $299. Note the 31 GB of hard drive is space is required for the install.

Analogue Solutions Treadstone synthBLOCK Desktop Synthesizer

If high-end analog synthesis floats your boat, check out the Treadstone synthBLOCK from Analogue Solutions. Featuring a fully fleshed-out analog synth in a convenient desktop footprint, the Treadstone boasts an uncompromising architecture. It also includes MIDI to CV conversion functionality, so it integrates nicely with a modular setup.

The Treadstone synthBLOCK retails for $599. Be the first one on your block to own one!

Audified DW Drum Enhancer for a Modern Percussion Sound

Audified hopes to take your drum tracks to a higher level with its DW Drum Enhancer plugin. A simple and intuitive interface lets you dial-in the right drum sound as quickly as possible. Since DW’s own engineers helped design the product, expect professional results and functionality.

DW Drum Enhancer is available in most popular PC/Mac plugin formats at an inexpensive street price of $199. Bring home the beat!