Impact Soundworks gets Meditative – Synth News Digest 16

Welcome to this edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. It gives us the opportunity for a few quick profiles of some fresh music technology product releases worthy of your interest. If you want to check out the last digest, covering the free version of Cakewalk Sonar among other news bits, simply click on the following link.

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Bang a Gong with Impact Soundworks’ Meditation

When looking for a Kontakt sample library laden with high quality samples of gongs, glass, and other forms of mallet sounds, stop your search at Impact Soundworks Meditation. In addition to the Eastern percussion samples, the collection also includes a variety of found sounds as well as a few standard synth waveforms. It leverages Kontakt’s additive synthesis functionality, letting you dial in the exact sound you need for your project.


Meditation offers a host gong and other mallet samples. Image copyright Impact Soundworks.

Meditation requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt, so those of you with only the Kontakt Player need not apply. While this is likely frustrating, remember Meditation uses Kontakt’s synthesis capabilities. If still interested, Meditation is available from Impact Soundworks as a download for $49. Gong!

I wish they all could be California Keys

Q Up Arts recently released a sample collection of a variety of vintage keyboard instruments with the moniker of California Keys. In addition to sampling a Fazioli grand piano, Q Up also recorded a few classic keyboards, including a Rhodes, Wurlitzer, as well as Vox, Farfisa, and Hammond organs. The sampling session took place at a private recording studio in Topanga Canyon, adding to that Cali mystique.

California Keys is available for the Native Instruments Kontakt Player, version 5.5. It also supports NI’s NKS instrument control standard. The full collection requires around 40GB of hard drive space. It is normally available for $499, but keep an eye out for those attractive sale prices.

I don’t remember; I don’t RecAll – from Audified

A great improv session is currently in progress, and you didn’t boot up your DAW. Well, perhaps an easy to use multi-channel recording application with low overhead, like Audified’s RecAll needs to be on your shortlist. Unfortunately for Windows users, RecAll currently only supports the MacOS platform.

In addition to a multi-track recording, RecAll also records a separate stereo mix automatically. At a current price of only $49, it belongs in the collection of any studio who handles a lot of spontaneous recording activity. It takes you from inspiration to documentation in nary a minute.


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