Eventide adds Android App for H9 Control – Synth News Digest 17

Welcome to another edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This gives us an opportunity to inform you of a few interesting music technology news and product announcements from the previous weeks. If interested in checking out the last Synth News Digest, simply click on the following link.

Eventide releases their H9 Control Android App

Every time a cool new iOS music app gets released, Android owners ask when a version for their mobile platform is coming out. We focused a bit more on Android in the early days of TabMuse, but it never really challenged Apple when it came to music apps. The reasons for this are numerous and beyond the scope of this article.


Eventide H9 Control features a familiar UI style. Image copyright Eventide.

Nonetheless, Android music apps focused on handling control signals instead of audio data hold promise. Eventide thinks so with the recent release of their H9 Control app on the Google Play store. It works with the H9 pedal, letting you save and manage presets from the convenience of your Android smartphone or tablet. In essence, this is the same app available to iOS users since 2013.

The app leverages Bluetooth for wireless communication between your mobile device and the H9 pedal. If you like cables, a USB connection also works. What a no-brainer use-case; it’s surprising it is not an industry standard for high-end effects pedals. We give kudos to Eventide for showing the way.

Strymon goes Eurorack

I’ve lusted after the Strymon Big Sky and Blue Sky reverb pedals for years. The company continues to garner love among guitarists and synth players for their magical and otherworldly tones. As evidence of the large number of synth-nards using effect pedals, Strymon is now targeting the Eurorack scene with a new product.

The Strymon Magneto simulates a stereo multi-head tape delay, while also boasting looping functionality and so much more. A host of useful patch points facilitate the integration of Magneto into any Eurorack setup. The included spring reverb blasts everything into the deep space typical of Strymon’s reverb pedals.

A completely analog dry path ensures the best possible sound without those dreaded digital sampling artifacts. If you are interested in adding the Magneto to your Eurorack setup, the street price is $599. Now, I’ve got a new module to lust for if I ever dip my toes into the modular synth world.

Antelope Audio introduces Edge Strip Bundle Mic Modelers

When your recording setup primarily lurks in the digital domain, a robust collection of audio plugins is a must. Antelope Audio recently released their Edge Strip bundle including a mic, preamp, and modeling plugins suitable for most recording scenarios. You get a variety of vintage mic emulations along with plugins modeling the outboard gear and channel strips used to process them.

In short, a nearly endless array of mic and strip combinations adds some heft to your recording setup. The package includes Antelope’s Edge modeling microphone, their Discrete MP mic preamp, and that robust collection of models. A hearty supply of mic emulations should keep you busy for a while, and Antelope plans on introducing more to support their new system.

If interested in picking up the Edge Strip bundle, it is currently priced at $1,295. Frankly, that’s cheaper than spending thousands on your own vintage mic collection!