The Waldorf Kyra breaks New Synthesizer Ground – Synth News Digest 19

Welcome to this latest edition of the TabMuse Synth News Digest. This gives us a chance to present some interesting music tech news stories and product announcements. If you want to check out the last digest, simply click on the following link.

Now, as ELO once sang, here is the news!

Waldorf to introduce Kyra Synthesizer at Next Year’s NAMM

The world’s first synthesizer based on FPGA technology is in the works from German synth maker, Waldorf. The company presented a prototype of the Kyra at NAMM 2018. A full launch is scheduled for next year’s NAMM show located in California.


A teaser photo of the Waldorf Kyra. Photo copyright Waldorf Music.

The FPGA tech (which stands for field-programmable gate array) raises the processing power of the Kyra exponentially. The synth features 32x oversampled hardware with wavetables that include thousands of waveshapes. A synth architecture providing either 10 or 20 oscillators offers the opportunity to create massive sounding patches.

Powerful multimode resonant filters, three envelope generators, three stereo LFOs each with 64 shapes, microtuning, and an 18-channel modulation matrix round out Kyra’s impressive specifications. A robust effects engine provides an extra sonic boost. The synth also outputs four assignable 32-bit/96kHz audio streams.

Expect a rackmountable desktop module version of Kyra at NAMM 2019 with a keyboard version to follow. The street price comes in at around $2,000.

Spitfire Audio adds Solo Strings to its Symphonic Collection

Spitfire Audio continues to raise the game when it comes to high-quality sample libraries. We are currently in love with their free LABS sample plugin, and the company recently introduced Solo Strings, the latest edition of their classical instrument collection. As such, Solo Strings partners nicely with Spitfire’s Chamber and Symphonic sample libraries.

The recording session used for the samples includes some top classical players known for their soundtrack work. The Hall at Air Studios provides the ambience, captured with state of the art microphones and a Neve mixing console. A variety of playing techniques are used on violin, viola, cello, and bass. If you are familiar with Spitfire Audio’s work, you understand!

Spitfire Solo Strings currently features an introductory price of $339. 85GB of hard drive space is required for the install, with half that space as a requirement afterwards. If you want a library of high-end classical string samples, here’s your opportunity!

Doepfer introduces Standalone Dark Energy III Synth

Doepfer is primarily known for their Eurorack synth modules. In fact, they essentially created the format. They occasionally release products for use outside the rack, including their line of Dark Energy desktop synths. The third edition of the Dark Energy just hit the market!

Dark Energy III fits a robust amount of power into its relatively small package. Its architecture features a Triangle VCO core with FM and PWM capabilities. A 12db multimode resonant filter, two LFOs, an envelope, and a USB/MIDI interface are some of the other features. Of course, CV I/O ports abound on both the top of unit as well as its rear panel.

If you know your way around a circuit board, additional signals are accessible using the internal pin headers. You are even able to daisy chain a few Dark Energy synths together. The solid construction also sports a pair of hearty wooden side plates.

The Dark Energy III is available at a street price of 479 Euros. Buy many for all your friends!


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