Goose EQ comes to iOS – Synth News Digest 6

After using both BeatMaker 3 and Modstep for building tracks to improvise or compose over, I’m really getting into AU plugins on iOS. Since most of my recording work is on the desktop, obviously I gravitate towards the relative ease of loading a plugin instead of passing audio and MIDI through a “third-wheel” iOS app. Needless to say, AU compatibility is rapidly becoming a must-have feature in my iOS apps.


Goose EQ in action. Screenshot by author.

So I was happy to see Goose EQ arrive on my virtual doorstep. An iOS plugin focused on equalization, it leverages a unique touchscreen-optimized graphical interface for controlling EQ settings. Expect a full range of cool equalization features and other sonic enhancements as well as AU compatibility. There are also a robust number of presets serving as examples of its functionality to help you get started.


Using Goose EQ within BeatMaker 3. Screenshot by author.

Also of note, Goose EQ uses a subscription-based model with a yearly cost of $3.49. You receive a two-week free period to test drive its feature set before agreeing to a subscription. The developer realizes this is a unique take on iOS app monetization, and promises to lower the subscription price to zero if enough revenue isn’t made to support the app in the future.

It is definitely worth checking out to see if Goose EQ’s feature set meets your iOS music creation needs.

Touch Innovations hopes to “Kontrol” your DAW 

Touch Innovations’ Kontrol Master continues to garner praise as an innovative desktop interface for controlling your DAW or even a video editor or graphic design application. The device looks almost like a video game controller for your grandmother, with super-sized buttons and knobs. Serious uses need only apply, however, as each control is customizable to suit your needs.

The company recently acquired European distribution for the Kontrol Master through the German company, Sonic Sales. Those residing in the EU as well as the United States now are able to purchase this unique control device. Sonic Sales Managing Director Matthias Herbst is exited at the opportunity. “The whole team at Sonic Sales is very much looking forward to raising the Touch Innovations profile in mid-Europe. I know it’s going to be a great journey, and am sure we can repeat the success stories that we’ve already enjoyed with other brands that we’ve helped build from the ground up,”  said Herbst.

Antelope Audio introduces New USB Audio Interface

Antelope Audio’s new USB audio interface, Orion Studio HD, offers many intriguing features for those with a pro-level studio setup. Support for HDX, Class-A mic preamps, and a host of virtual effects are also part of the package. American street price for Orion Studio HD comes in just shy of $3,000.

Audified enters 500 Series Modular Audio Processing Market

The 500 Series combines the world high-end pro audio with the flexibility of a modular synthesizer. Each issue of Tape Op gives me the chance to ogle a wide range of cool 500-series gear from a variety of manufacturers. Audified is entering this music technology sector with the introduction of the Synergy R1, a combination of a reverb and a saturator.

The R1 looks to be a great piece of kit, with both digital circuitry for the reverb and an analog saturator. Expect the unit to take up two spaces in your 500-series lunchbox. The MSRP for the Synergy R1 comes in at $1399, and it’s expected to hit the market some time this month.