Waldorf Nave gets an Update — and Other News

Over the weekend, Waldorf released an update of Nave, their powerful synth for the iOS platform. (Check out our Nave review here.) The update adds polyphonic aftertouch if your MIDI controller or keyboard supports it. Additionally, 64-bit support for Apple’s newer iPad Air and iPad mini Retina tablets is now standard, along with the ability to control the audio buffer size from Nave’s settings page.

Waldorf Nave Screenshot 2

Nave provides an easy-to-use 4-track recorder. Screenshot by author.

I installed the update, but didn’t get a chance to play around with either the buffer size settings or the aftertouch capabilities. Most of my recent iPad music work was spent with Korg’s incredible new Gadget production environment. Expect a few articles on Gadget shortly here at TabMuse.

Speaking of Gadget, to celebrate its release, Korg cut the price of the rest of their iOS music app library by half. This includes the iPolysix (check out our iPolysix review here), the excellent iMS-20, the iKaossilator, the iElectribe, and the Gorillaz version of the iElectribe.  The first three apps all hold important spots in the studio work here with Quarkspace and Church of Hed.

I am working on a review of the excellent synthesizer documentary, I Dream of Wires. Expect that to be published shortly.

A friend gave me a few suggestions for Android apps to review. One of them is Caustic, which was already on my list to check out; it looks like a very powerful synth studio environment, not unlike a tablet version of Reason — I hope it runs great on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. So expect some more Android reviews in the short term.

As always, thanks for reading!