The Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer crushes all – Synth News Digest 8

When the German manufacturer, Schmidt, recently announced their Eightvoice analog polyphonic synthesizer, the hearts of many synthheads began to flutter. Arguably the most robust synth in the industry – short of a fully-appointed modular – the Eightvoice features an architectural design with nary a compromise. Custom built in production runs of 25 each, the Schmidt Eightvoice is priced around $23,000, depending on current exchange rates.


The Schmidt Eightvoice Synth in all its glory. Photo copyright Schmidt.

Naturally, a boutique synthesizer like this includes a robust list of specifications. At its heart is a fully analog signal path with digital control. The architecture leverages discreet circuitry in lieu of an IC chip design. Separate audio outs for each voice, along with a summed output, provide mixing flexibility.

There are four oscillators, each with a host of waveform and cross-modulation routing options. Two parallel signal paths each include a 24db Moog-style ladder filter and two 12db multimode filters, with a separate VCF for extra fun. Modulation sources abound, and each section comes with its own LFOs and EGs, lessening the need for a separate modulation matrix.

61 weighted keys, a variety of controllers (including four expression pedal and four footswitch jacks), a large LCD display, tons of presets, tons of knobs, tons of LED indicators, and more are all part of the package. Needless to say, this behemoth deserves to be the centerpiece of any connoisseur’s synth collection. Thankfully, a flight case is included!

Vermona brings a New Oscillator and Ring Modulator to their Eurorack Collection

Eurorack owners need to check out two new products from Vermona. First off is uniCYCLE, a voltage controlled analog oscillator. Featuring a simple interface in a 10 HP space, uniCYCLE sports separate outs for a variety of waveform types. The inputs support hard and soft sync as well as exponential and linear FM. Expect to pony up $339 for this module.

If a ring modulator, a polarizer, and more are on your Eurorack wish list, check out quadroPOL. Able to wrangle both audio and control voltage signals, quadroPOL fits four channels of functionality into its 10 HP. It also works as a mixer or even a VCA; making it well worth the street price of $309.

Spitfire Audio goes Symphonic

Spitfire Audio is known for its collection of top notch sample libraries and software synthesizers based on samples. We reviewed their BT Phobos synth a few months ago. The company recently released Symphonic Strings Evolutions, a library aimed at studio hounds looking to add top of the line symphonic sounds to their projects. It is compatible with the Kontakt player – included as part of the install – while also supporting Native Instrument’s NKS standard.

Symphonic Strings Evolutions is available for $299. As with other Spitfire Audio products, make sure you have enough hard drive space before installation.

Audified introduces New Equalizer Plugin based on Klangfilm RZ062

Finding a hardware mixer with the legendary Klangfilm RZ062 equalizer is probably difficult, so the engineers at Audified developed their own software model. The new RZ062 Equalizer is now available in most popular plugin formats at a street price of $199. It includes models of both the RZ062A and RZ062B units.

The plugin features the unique functionality of the original hardware, with both Left/Right and Mid/Side controls. Your entire mix also benefits from the warmness provided by the modeled circuitry – over 200 components! If you are in the market for a plugin to smooth out your mixes, check out the RZ062.