Review: BLEASS Purveys Quality iOS Effects Apps and More

BLEASS is a French iOS music app maker. Their line mostly features effects that support the AUv3 plugin format. The company also offers BLEASS groovebox, a fun drum machine app worth checking out. Their wares support iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone provided you are running iOS 9.0 or later.

We recently spent some time diving into BLEASS delay and BLEASS reverb, as well as groovebox. The company also released BLEASS filter in the last few weeks, so expect a review of that app in the future. Here’s a look at what these iOS music apps bring to the table.

BLEASS delay is the Antidote for Anger

No one can own too many delays. This time-honored rule applies to both hardware devices and software-based plugins. BLEASS delay provides the iOS musician with an easy-to-use effect suitable for AUM, GarageBand, or any other host app supporting the AUv3 format.


BLEASS delay features an easy-to-use interface. Screenshot by author.

BLEASS delay syncs to the host BPM if desired. It also provides a cool ping-pong feature for those who love those trippy stereo imaging effects – I do. The overall sound is great and musical. I typically use it in AUM with one of Bram Bos’s Rozeta rhythm plugins; it’s an approach inline with my typical iOS use-case as a beatmaker for studio synth productions.

The interface is extremely straightforward; essentially as easy to use as a simple stomp box delay. Everything is arranged in an obvious manner. You simply need to add delay to your project and start using it.

This delay offers a host of features that go beyond a simple echo. Two resonant filters serve to add a measure of tweaking to your sound. The delay’s feedback stage includes a pitch shifter which serves quite nicely for mangling electronic drum sounds. Use the LFO with stereo phase for an additional sense of motion to your tracks.

Check the included presets for an idea of delay’s possibilities. Of course, you can save your own presets as well. BLEASS Delay is available at the App Store for $4.99. Git ya some!

Take Your Tracks into Space with BLEASS reverb

BLEASS reverb pairs nicely with its delay brother. In fact, I wish AUM had a “macro” feature so I can load both effects with one action, or even a way to model effect racks similar to the desktop DAW world. Well, enough of my dreaming.


BLEASS reverb goes beyond the standard verb functionality. Screenshot by author.

Another straightforward BLEASS effect, using reverb is a breeze, especially when familiar with the concepts of reverberation. The interface is clear and user friendly.

The effect’s architecture includes three stages. A first stage includes a pre-delay and a gain control to tailor the input signal. The HP/LP filter also helps in this regard. You manipulate the room size and HF damping in the second stage – essentially the reverb itself. A cool mini X-Y pad provides a frequency shifter and waveshaper for additional real-time sonic manipulation. It’s fun!

Finally, the third stage provides a simple sidechain compressor to add an extra mindfreak to drum parts. A dry/wet control rounds out BLEASS reverb’s control scheme. Once again, peruse the presets for an idea of this plugin’s capabilities.

Considering its user-friendly price – only $2.99 at the App Store – BLEASS reverb belongs in the app library of any iOS musician. It provides a top quality reverb, and one that also works as a standalone app.

Beat Crafting with BLEASS groovebox

BLEASS groovebox is a fun drum machine app – with benefits – available for free, but with a host of professional features available as an in-app purchase. Surprisingly, groovebox doesn’t support the AUv3 format, but it does work with Audiobus, Ableton Link, and Inter-App Audio. In fact, a recent update lets you route each track into AUM or other hosts using IAA, provided you purchased the pro version.

In addition to crafting beats, groovebox also sports a monosynth for melodies and the ability to generate chords, adding to its functionality. Both synths include the usual array of filters, envelopes, and LFOs to tailor your sounds, which also are savable as presets. The app’s low CPU usage lets you layer multiple synth instances per track, limited by the horsepower of your iOS device.

The drum machine section lets you load up to six samples per track, with filters and a bitcrusher serving as the sonic mangler. You are able to load samples from iCloud or the iOS Files app. Neat!

Sadly, groovebox doesn’t support odd time signatures. Its 16-step sequencer needs to be truly variable, or even support polyrhythms. Understand that my musical tastes trend towards the weird and esoteric, so this might not be a problem for you. Check out the free version and see what you think.

The sequencer section does provide some cool groove manipulation functionality. Two effects sends and both Live and Song mode add to its flexibility. BLEASS groovebox features the same clean user interface concepts as its AUv3 effects family, and you can’t beat the price if you just want to put the sequencer through its paces.

I just hope for AUv3 support and the ability to use different time signatures in a future update. Needless to say, iOS musicians need to check out the full line of BLEASS music apps. Stay tuned for our upcoming review of BLEASS filter!