Review: Bebot — a Very Fine iOS Theremin Sim and More

A few months back, I was looking for a Theremin app for a song on my new Space Cadet album. (Ed — check out the making of Kev’s previous Space Cadet album here at TabMuse.) After putting a post up on Facebook, I was recommended by a keyboard playing friend to have a look at Bebot.

Bebot for the iPad Features

  • Theremin-like Touch Control Polyphonic Synth Fun
  • Easy-to-use Synth Parameter Control
  • Three Effects (Echo, Chorus, Overdrive)
  • Scale and Key System Prevents Bad Notes, if Desired
  • Support for Audiobus 2 and Inter App Audio
  • Universal App Available at the App Store for $1.99

Developed by Normalware, Bebot is a Theremin synth and a whole lot more. It replaces a keyboard with an easy to play touch screen, similar to iKaossilator.

Like a Surreal Version of a Theremin for the iPad

As well as a Theremin preset, there are an impressive 25 other keyboard presets. It contains two synth engines, both with easy to use, variable controls.


Bebot offers a whimsical interface, but pro-level Theremin stylings. Screenshot by Author.

The interface also contains three variable effects. The echo, chorus and overdrive allow you tweak the synth sound to exactly what you wish.

The scaling system is similar to iKaossilator. It allows you to set any scale, any key; allowing note perfect solos.

Unlike the monophonic iKaossilator, Bebot is polyphonic. Use four or five fingers for everything from harmonies to complete madness spacerock swooping.

Audiobus Support adds to the Fun

The app is Audiobus friendly. The play screen is a smiling robot that mouths the notes as you play. Maybe the only negative point is, as a live instrument, it is less theatrical than a real Theremin or an app that utilizes the iPad movement sensor.

The reason I got the app was for a Theremin sound, and IMHO this app gives the best of any I have heard. It’s ideal for a space rocker like me, but maybe a little too spacerock for some. The friend that recommended it was playing keys for a very famous eighties new wave star, who found the whole wooshy spacerock thing of Bebot far too much to handle. Me? I love it!

Bebot’s Theremin features on this song from my forthcoming album, Space Cadet, vol 2. (Ed. – an excellent f’n tune, Kev!)