More Holdout iPad Music Apps now support iOS 11 – Synth News Digest 11

Many musicians using iPads and iPhones continue to forego updating to iOS 11 because its 64-bit requirement makes older 32-bit apps incompatible once installed. I’m one of these holdouts. As more developers update their projects to support iOS 11, however, the reasons for staying on version 10 decline.

Only speaking for my favorite apps, but potentially losing the old school drone maker, DR-OM, kept me from going to iOS 11. Not anymore, as the app finally supports the 64-bit operating system. Other recent updates in my collection include Jordan Rudess’s excellent virtual synths, Tachyon and MorphWiz.

dr-om image

The glorious iOS drone synth app, DR-OM. Screenshot by author.

Apple, for its part, is also applying pressure to get you to upgrade, as the latest version of GarageBand only supports iOS 11. There are only four 32-bit apps left on my new iPad, with the full version of Alchemy being the only one I’d miss after updating. Soon.

One recent iOS synth app update unrelated to iOS 11 but worthy of note is version 2 of Moog’s stunning Model 15. It now includes support for the AU plugin format. And there was much rejoicing among iOS musicians all over the world!

Unfiltered Audio SpecOps – 36 Plugins in One!

Musicians, producers and audio engineers searching for a Swiss Army knife of virtual effects need look no further than Unfiltered Audio’s SpecOps, available through the Plugin Alliance. SpecOps includes 36 different spectral effects, covering a wide range of functionality. You are able to separately effect each frequency band in an audio sample.

UA’s unique patchable modulation system offers even more real-time control over SpecOps. Applications abound – from applying razor tight EQ to mind-blowing distortion. If interested – and you should be – SpecOps is available in most popular plugin formats at a street price of $129.

Eventide and Newfangled Audio release EQuivocate

A high quality EQ plugin belongs on the wish list of nearly all electronic musicians, and Eventide’s EQuivocate looks worthy of further EXploration. Leveraging filters modeled on the human ear – courtesy of Newfangled Audio – this plugin is suitable for mixing and mastering applications. One cool feature worth noting is the Match EQ which makes your track sound like the audio sent to the sidechain.

EQuivocate supports most plugin formats, and it is available from Eventide for $99. Git ya some!

Keith McMillen Instruments BopPad gives the Electronic Drummer Flexibility

As an electronic drummer, I continue to hold an affinity for e-percussion products. The new BopPad, from Keith McMillen Instruments, also functions as a practice pad. Its four separate trigger zones are programmable, allowing you to play four sounds using different MIDI notes.

The BopPad sports a traditional feel along with a dynamic range that surpasses many electronic drum pads. At only 10-inches, it is quite portable. If you are interested in the BopPad, simply pay KMI $199 and it’s all yours. At that price, buy four or five!

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