The Korg Monotron Delay and its iOS Clone — Monotone Delay

About two years ago, Korg released a family of handheld, battery-powered analog synthesizers — the Monotron series. I recently picked up the Monotron Delay and found it to be an absolute blast. A great, albeit a bit noisy, sound which is powerful enough to stand out in a thick mix and also scare my cats.

Korg Monotron Delay

The Korg Monotron Delay is a useful analog ribbon synth and a great introduction for kids. Copyright Korg.

The Monotron series also features a “Classic” version without delay and a dual oscillator model. The Delay won me over with its input jack that allows the processing of an external audio signal.

Korg Monotron Delay Features

  • Analog VCO (Sawtooth and Square Waves) with Ribbon Keyboard Pitch Control
  • Analog MS-20 VCF with Cutoff Control
  • LFO with Rate and Intensity Control
  • Delay with Time and Feedback Control
  • 1/8″-inch External Input and Output
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Powered by 2 AAA Batteries
  • Retails for $49.99

The Monotron Delay serves as a great introduction to analog synthesis for kids. Parents needn’t freak out as it comes with a headphone jack. It is blast to play with and actually musically useful for analog sound effects. Its cheap, under $50 price makes it a no-brainer. Get one today!

Monotone Delay is a Monotron Delay Clone for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

I also was recently directed to Monotone Delay, an iOS app that is effectively a clone of the Monotron Delay. It echoes (no pun intended) the interface of Korg’s piece of analog hardware and the sound is pretty decent as well — conjuring up LFO-driven delay bleatings to frighten the feline species.

Monotone Delay

The Monotone Delay is a great Monotron clone for the iOS platform. Screenshot by Author.

The developer needs to release an update that adds either Audiobus or Inter App Audio support — preferably both. The ability to use Monotone to modify an external signal from another iOS app or the mic input would really make it a lot more useful. Still, its nominal price make Monotone a worthy download — even more so if Audiobus and IAA are supported in a future update.

Both the Korg Monotron Delay and Monotone are fun sound generators with uses in Spacerock or other electronic music.


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